Your questions answered
Most problems can be very easily resolved; they are usually due to a lack of communication, or a misunderstanding. At MEDACC we will help wherever we can.

The following list of frequently asked questions will give you guidance as to what to do. If your problem falls outside these 'questions and answers' call us on 020 3291 0693. We aim to help.

Medical Insurance Companies

In all cases, medical insurance companies send out a benefit statement to the insured showing what has or has not been paid. It will also show why a shortfall payment has been made, with an explanation, this could be due to an excess on the policy or a limit on how much can be spent in any one insurance year on specific types of treatment. If you have not had a benefit statement which covers the claim in question, you need to ask your insurer why, and what, if any, the problem is?

Click here for a list of insurers, their websites and contact telephone numbers.

How can I pay this invoice?

We provide various means to pay, go to the "Make a Payment" Page.

I am no longer with the insurer I was with at the time.

This is not a problem, if you had insurance at the time of Treatment, you were covered. But you still need to ask the insurer why the bill was not paid. You will not need the policy number if you do not have them as you can be readily identified by security questions they will ask.

Please note that all insurance companies work by the Treatment date and not the date of the invoice.

Why did the consultant not pursue the insurer ?

Some consultants do send reminders to insurers, but they are under no obligation to do so. The fact they agree to send the invoice direct to your insurer, is a courtesy. As the recipient of the service from the consultant or hospital, it remains your responsibility to ensure that your insurer processes the claim in a timely fashion. In the event they do not, our client is entitled to ask you to pay and resolve any problems with your insurer as a separate matter. However, if you let us know what the problem is, we can often help in resolving the matter.

I did not sign a contract accepting responsibility for the bill.

The fact that you made or had an appointment with the consultant in a private hospital/clinic or the private wing of an NHS Trust is sufficient and you are deemed to have accepted the responsibility for any charges.

Failure to attend an appointment may in most cases be payable by the patient. Insurance companies will not cover missed appointments and the patient remains liable for any charges.

I sent a cheque direct to the client.

It may be that you omitted the required invoice or reference number with the payment, and our client was unable to allocate the funds to your account. Check your bank statement, and let us have the date that the cheque appears on it. Alternatively, after you have checked your statement, and confirmed the cheque has not cleared, send another to MEDACC with our reference number or the invoice number and your name, on the back. Sometimes the patient name is different to the name on cheques!

I have paid by card.

Most of our clients do not themselves have facilities to take payment by card, and such payments are often taken by the hospital at which the consultant is based. Tell us the date your card payment went through and we will check with the hospital to find out why it has not been paid to the consultant. Consultants are not employees of the hospitals, they are separate legal entities. Hospitals should not, as a rule, take such payments, but they do and our client is not aware of them.

My insurance was a company policy and my employers changed insurers during my treatment.

Your employer can tell you the date the policy was changed, and then you need to check with whichever insurer was valid at the date of the treatment, not the date of the invoice.

I have received a letter for someone who does not live at my address

Please re-seal the envelope and return to MEDACC, PO Box 248, Caernarfon LL55 9BX. We will remove your address to stop further correspondence. We will find a new address for the patient.

What happens if I continue to ignore your letters?

The matter must be settled at some point and we may pursue you through the courts to resolve the matter, all legal costs will be added to the outstanding amount in accordance with the law.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints about MEDACC can be made via letter, email or fax to our Complaints Manager these details are below; you should detail your name and address and the MEDACC reference or Client invoice number. If you are happy for us to contact you by telephone, please supply a number as we many need further information.

Complaints Manager
PO Box 248
LL55 9BX

Fax: 0844 870 7082

Please mark the subject heading 'Complaint'.

Complaints about a Consultant or Hospital must be sent to the Consultant or Hospital, they will have their own complaints procedures and policy.