Medical Accounting Services (MEDACC) has grown each year we have been in business without the need to advertise, thanks to the recommendation of our services by existing clients to friends and colleagues.

A partnership with MEDACC enables you to focus your skills on your patients and practice without the added distraction of medical billing, credit control, chasing overdue payments and finding absconders.

Our biggest asset is our mature staff with an excellent knowledge of medical billing and collections. Our staff handle medical billing, outstanding and overdue accounts for many consultants and practices. We have a full working knowledge of the medical databases, access to their database is with our Clients permission, we also use Healthcode for electronic billing.

We have an excellent relationship with all major health insurers and foreign Embassy’s with whom we are in daily contact.

Medical professionals are turning to MEDACC to provide them with a bespoke billing, credit control and services to manage the accounting side of their practice. The tailored service does not incur any upfront charges, as our systems are specifically designed to be adaptable to most practitioners needs.