Our Invoice Outsourcing and Credit Control service is very popular with many Consultants and Secretaries, we act as your finance department, issue your invoices, manage the payment process and reconcile your bank statement. We also provide financial reports for your accountant.

With a clear understanding of private practice and an ability to apply effective billing solutions quickly, consultants we work with are minimising debt write-offs and ensuring maximum returns with our help.

Credit Control

Your uninterrupted revenue stream is our prime objective. Our proven track record with invoice and credit control outsourcing is a testament to our abilities. The efficient and effective way in which we administer client’s accounts makes MEDACC the prime option for this service.

We have a thorough working knowledge of the DGL Practice Manager database and we also use Healthcode to process invoices electronically resulting in more secure processing and quicker payments from insurers.

You provide access to your DGL database and we will process your invoices and maintain the financials, we will monitor the invoice progress through medical insurers, guarantors, or with the patient themselves if self-funding, any shortfalls are pursued. With this service we act as your Accounts Office.

This service greatly improves client’s cash flow, and reduces debt to almost nil.