Not all invoices are readily or easily collected, some problems cannot be solved without having to go to court. When a dispute between two parties becomes and remains unresolved, it can often wind up in court.

Should the need arise MEDACC can pass the matter to their appointed solicitors.

Taking legal action when required

We do our best to collect your outstanding debt without court action, not only is this best for you, your practice and the patient, in most cases the courts will expect you to have made all reasonable efforts to recover the debt or resolve any dispute before starting legal action.

Our approach combines Pre-Sue Investigations and a ‘Letter before Claim’ from our solicitors. Although we are focused on full recovery for you, sometimes an amicable resolution is the best option.

If the defendant does not respond or refuses to cooperate, permission will be sought from our client to issue a claim in the County Court.

Along with our legal team and appointed solicitors we will take the best course of action throughout the legal process. Once a claim is entered and if no defence or counter claim is entered, our solicitors will apply for judgment after legal proceedings have been issued. Thereafter, the Court will serve the debtor with an order to pay the debt (and all relevant costs and interest). Enforcement action can be taken if payment is not made forthwith.

For more information on our legal services please contact us.